Factory Based Maintenance Menus

Today’s customers demand transparency. They want their questions answered and they want options before they make a decision. MenuBuilder gives you the ability to:

  • Offer factory scheduled maintenance that matches the OE manual exactly for every make, model and trim in North America
  • Set standardized pricing, based on your labor, parts and fluid prices
  • Easily configure up to a three-tier package offering
  • Access prior service history to ensure the correct maintenance package is offered
  • Quickly obtain OE part numbers and list prices or configured matrix pricing
  • ​Monitor incoming service appointments and quickly decode make, model, year and trim levels for accuracy

Improve Your Process with MenuBuilder

MenuBuilder is more than just a standalone offering. Once configured, it gives your team:

  • The confidence that what they are quoting is manufacturer recommended service for the particular VIN as a base and is updated automatically
  • Reliable integration with TCC’s Service Connect platform
  • All North American makes and models available
  • Full support team to quickly make changes as requested
  • Analytics based on posted RO’s to see who is presenting the menu, up-selling, and maximizing each RO

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