Proven Recall Acquisition Strategy

Manage the recall campaigns efficiently to load your shop properly. TCC’s custom recall program will allow you to pinpoint customers in your data-base with open safety recalls and those who that are outside of your database. With TCC, you can:

  • Use your DMS data to contact your customers with outstanding recalls
  • Pick specific ZIP codes to Conquest customers who are not in your database
  • Prioritize which recalls you wish to target
  • Schedule the recalls according to your work flow and tie those appointments into your DMS
  • Use various communication methods to ensure contact
  • ​Track ROI and outcomes that tie directly back to DMS data

​Why Recalls are Important to Your Bottom Line

Rather than looking at recalls as a burden, top performing dealerships use recall campaigns as a method to:

  • Bring back inactive service customers
  • Build trust with customers by performing important safety related items
  • Present maintenance opportunities to customers that have not serviced in a while
  • Re-introduce the dealership and retain them as active customers

Recall Marketing

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