Live Calls that Bring Back your Customers

TCC’s industry trained professional call center agents contact your inactive or “lost souls” customers live to invite them back to dealership. We might not win all of them with the first call but we win a lot of them with persistence and professionalism. We record all the calls and you will have access to every single communication. Also, we do not take credit for customers that would have come back regardless. Our reporting shows:

  • Scientifically who would have come back regardless of our effort and who we brought back additionally
  • How many calls have been completed
  • Call result type, including appointments booked
  • Exactly how many inactive customers we have returned to you
  • Individual ROs, with the dollar amounts based on our efforts
  • Overall ROI

​Who Do We Call?

We know that customers leave. We also know that winning them back with a well-timed call is an art. We have perfected this art over a few decades and guarantee it. Dealership BDC’s dread calling the inactive customer list, but we love it. Why?

  • Practice makes perfect. We have made well over 20.5 million calls
  • We do not give up after one attempt; our unique algorithms re-queue calls at the right time
  • We are highly trained to listen and understand why the customer has not come back
  • ​We have a clear message to the customer, approved by you

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