Save Your Customers and Employees Time

Texting reduces inbound calls for vehicle status updates. Using this communication method that customers prefer will:

  • Reduce the afternoon inbound call volume by proactively sending text-based status updates
  • Get authorization for work
  • Send parts availability updates
  • Text clients for appointment reminders and missed appointments
  • ​Use the built-in instant messaging feature for internal staff to efficiently communicate
  • Integrate with Alexa and Google Home 

Organized Professional Communication

Don’t just text. Make your communications look professional and organized by:

  • Setting up advanced texting, including templates, that can be forwarded to cell phones or received through the TCC platform
  • Setting your dealership main phone number as a texting number, making communication easy with your clients
  • Creating dealership department groups for internal messaging and or texts
  • Monitoring all conversations and review no responses and more in the reporting suite
  • Direct integration with TCC marketing and Service Connect software

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