Manage and Monitor Your BDC Like a Pro

A BDC without a plan and way to measure success is just overhead. Turn your BDC into a measurable profit center with the aid of the same proprietary software as TCC uses to run its nationwide call centers. With this software:

  • Queue call jobs for the BDC 
  • Upload custom lists from the OEM
  • ​Monitor daily performance of the staff on number of calls made, and results, to ensure success
  • Monitor appointments booked vs kept ratio

Also, agents will have easy access to the following:

  • Customers service history
  • Customers contact history
  • Previously declined services

​Analytics to Keep Them on Track

Keep your finger on the pulse of your BDC. To ensure they hit their metrics, we give you the ability to:

  • Track incoming and outgoing call results
  • Manage outbound call volumes
  • Set call priorities 
  • BDC Cloud fully integrates with the TCC Platform

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