Not All Digital Marketing is Created Equal

TCC’s Digital Marketing Campaigns stand out from your run of the mill ad words campaigns. We don’t use cookie cutter tactics, rather we use AI to:

  • Optimize your campaign over 400 times a month
  • Use AI in the bid strategy to maximize your budget
  • Drive VIN specific offers
  • Hone in on search demand in your area
  • Target specific ZIP codes where we know your customers are
  • Market across social media and ad words platforms to deliver your message exactly where your customers are
  • A/B test your offers to show which offer is most effective
  • Report ROI based on DMS Data

How We Make the Difference

Campaign analysis and optimization is key to ROI and performance. Our knowledge and systems allow us to:

  • Analyze more data, quicker, and cheaper
  • Make on the fly decisions on bids, so your budget is spent effectively 
  • Easily set up VIN specific campaigns
  • Examine the results to determine what changes are needed to drive even more results

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