Give Your Customers an Incentive to Come Back

Bring back more customers by enrolling them into a Rewards program that’s easy to access; no key tags, punch cards, or apps.

  • Dealership configurable Rewards Program¬†
  • Automated enrollment in the rewards program
  • Rewards based marketing such as, point expiration, double point earning and specials
  • Monthly rewards account balance communication

Configurable Rewards for Fixed Ops and Sales

We work closely with you to position the rewards program to fit your dealership’s needs across both variable and fixed ops. We can configure:

  • Point based rewards to be redeemed for future services
  • Points that can be spent towards increased trade-in values
  • Points that can be spent towards new car sales discounts
  • Up Counter (buy X and get the next free)
  • Down counter (Prepaid for X number of certain service)
  • Any combination of the above
  • Your store determines all of the redemption values

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